Eye of Newt Bath Powder

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Eye of Newt Bath Powder

Enjoy my version of the witches brew scent in this bomb powder. Notes of patchouli, cinnamon and cedarwood and sweet side effects.
This container is around 6-7 oz .

Please be aware it is not uncommon to find "things" In my products.Such as spiders,bugs,capsules containing surprises.So my bombs really aren't meant for little children. I do not advertise these things as being part of my products because they may or may not be present. When I have them to put in, I do. My products also generally "talk" to you so you'll hear quite a bit of popping and crackling.

sodium bicarbonate citric acid sodium lauryl sulfoacetate
coconut oil fragrance oil polysorbate 80
Corn Starch Kaolin Clay Isopropyl Alcohol H20
Mica FD&C Yellow #5 Blue #1 Red #40 ecoglitter

Drop into a slightly filled bathtub of hot water and watch the show.
Then fill the bath tub the rest of the way to create bubbles.