Lammas bath bomb

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Lammas bath bomb

This bomb is 7 oz

It is scented with elderberry and eucalyptus

Associated Herbs: All herbs and grains 
Associated Stones: Tigers eye, golden topaz, opal, citrine, ametrine 

Lammas marks the middle of summer and is the first of the harvest festivals.

It is time we think  about our own personal harvest. A time when we think about what has happened in our lives and letting go of anger, injustice, hates, and past regrets enabling us to move forwards and planting our own new seeds. 

It is a time when many witches start to get the house ready for winter, stocking the magical cupboard with herbs etc, cleaning carpets, rugs, painting what needs revamping and putting up winter curtains etc. 

A lammas altar can be covered with yellow or orange altar cloths and green, yellow or orange candles. It can be adorned with herbs, small baskets and corn. Bread can be baked  and herbs added to make magical bread.

It is a good time to make a witches bottle or spell purse. Find items for the spell such as coins for a prosperity spell etc. When you have finished seal the purse or bottle with candle wax and either bury it in the garden near the front door or put it where it will not be disturbed. 

Don't forget to feast...and dance


sodium bicarbonate citric acid sodium lauryl sulfoacetate
coconut oil fragrance oil polysorbate 80
Corn Starch Kaolin Clay Isopropyl Alcohol H20
Mica FD&C Yellow #5 Blue #1 Red #40 ecoglitter buttermilk
Bath bombs should be used within 6 months....they can go longer but do try.

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