Resurrection Witch Ball

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Resurrection Witch Ball
Resurrection Witch Ball
Resurrection Witch Ball
As Funksez...says...let these bombs bring you back to life.

Inspired by Persephone -Queen of the underworld. Abducted by hades. She brings forth spring and flowers.
This bomb appears quite bleak and dark on the outside. But inside it's full of colorful healing

These bath bombs became my favorite after I became Ill.Honestly I don't even like peppermint.But when I had the flu and went to get into the bath tub I couldn't decide if I wanted lavender to stop the body aches or peppermint to help me breathe better.So I started making half and half to cover both.And I fell In love.


Baking Soda
Kaolin Clay
Corn Starch
Sea Salt
Citric Acid
Coconut Oil
Polysorbate 80
Essential oils
Witch Hazel

These bath bombs are 7-8 ounces each.

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 Not intended for use by small children as my bombs may contain small objects.
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