Transfusion Bath Bomb Cotton Candy

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Transfusion Bath Bomb Cotton Candy
Transfusion Bath Bomb Cotton Candy
Transfusion Bath Bomb Cotton Candy
Transfusion Bath Bomb Cotton Candy
Transfusion Bath Bomb Cotton Candy
This is one of Rebel Potions specialty bath bombs and will always be in the line up.Enjoy a sweet scent of cotton candy in this bomb.
This bomb is around 6-7 oz.

There are little ankhs painted onto them bombs(even though sometimes they are not recognizable,lol) I personally have an ankh tattoo on my back which I thought was perfect for this bomb.
Come feel immortality.

This bath bomb will turn your bath water red/pink.

You can see a test of this bomb going off here

Please be aware it is not uncommon to find "things" In my products.Such as spiders,bugs,capsules containing surprises.So my bombs really aren't meant for little children. I do not advertise these things as being part of my products because they may or may not be present. When I have them to put in, I do. My products also generally "talk" to you so you'll hear quite a bit of popping and crackling.

Baking Soda
Citric Acid
Kaolin Clay
Coconut Oil
Polysorbate 80
Popping Candy
Cocoa Butter
Witch Hazel

All of Rebel Potions products are made for external use only.
Not intended for use by small children as my bombs may contain small objects.
Some products may leave residue on your bath tub that may need wiped away.Plastic tubs are even more prone to absorbing colorants.
Rebel Potions is not responsible for any damage resulting in the use of any product in our shop.
Rebel Potions does not offer discounts and is not responsible for any damaged items due to shipping.However if you let me know sometimes
I will add another one to your next order.
By purchasing items from Rebel Potions store you are fully aware of this disclaimer and my products at your own risk.
I reserve the right to cancel any order placed if I don't feel comfortable with it.